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RE: Z Axis Height Calibration - zace66 - 05-16-2020

I downloaded the files - printed the instructions. Followed them to the letter... My cube was 19.35 mm high, so adjusted by -0.65mm and voila, it is now SPOT ON!! THANK YOU.
So how do I fix x and y as they are both 20.6mm...

RE: Z Axis Height Calibration - marketmaster - 05-28-2020

So first post so take it easy. I'm coming over from and FDM printer. I printed out all 4 cubes for the calibration. Here are the measurements 20mm cube: 19.97, 15mm cube: 14.89; 10mm cube: 9.80, 5mm cube: 4.82.

I am sorta clueless what to adjust the value to? Should it only be based off the 20mm cube? so an adjust of only .03?

RE: Z Axis Height Calibration - Kirk444 - 03-19-2021

Why not just print a block, find out the difference and proceed to step 2 by updating the g-code?  Then it sounds like the bottom layer exposure time might need to be pushed up a bit to make sure the parts still stick...

RE: Z Axis Height Calibration - Dominic Ko - 10-17-2021

I got a Elegoo Mars 2 Pro. I have the same issue of 'Z-Height Accuracy'.
I have not update the firmware.

Is the 'Z-Height Accuracy.zip' applicable to Elegoo Mars 2 Pro?

Can I follow the step to amend the 'Z-Height Accuracy.zip' of the gcode before update the firmware?
or Update the firmware first before the 'Z-Height Accuracy.zip'?
or doesn't matter?


RE: Z Axis Height Calibration - Aingree - 11-30-2021

I followed the steps as well, and went from 18.8mm and am now corrected to 20mm.  However my cube x and y lengths have always been 22mm, both before correcting the z offset and after.  Oddly, this change has done nothing (except for happy mr. cube's z height) since my prints are still "squished" on the z axis.  Maybe parts of the print are a little better close to the build plate, but for most things raised on supports they appear to have the exact same amount of problem I've always had, which is around 8-10% z axis squishing.  I'm assuming this has to do with whatever is causing the 10% increase in x and y sizes.

Any advice?

RE: Z Axis Height Calibration - rfresh737 - 05-21-2022

I have a Mars 2 and did the adjustment per the instructions. Mine was off the Z height by 2.4mm. I did the adjustment but the cube print looked like it printed only about 2mm then stopped and left that on the FEP. I did check the homing using the dry method in the instructions and it seemed to home then come back up more than before so I assume that was the 2.2mm adjustment I did. BTW I have the Wham Bam flexi plate system installed. So, now I'm stumped as what to trouble shoot next?


I took apart the Z axis to check for rail binding but there was no rail binding.

I flashed the latest firmware from Elegoo.

I printed the 20mm cube and am now 0.18 short in height. I updated the config file (Mars_Config_Modified_English_Z_MOD.gcode) and set theM8084 Z-0.18 but that didn't change anything. Still 0.18mm short in height. Any other suggestions?

Thank you...

RE: Z Axis Height Calibration - hmida01 - 12-04-2022

Is this applicable to the Saturn 4K? I've got the exact same problem. When I print the 20 mm cube, the height is about 18.87 mm every time.