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WiFi SD Card Setup
Sorry for the extra day on getting this up for everyone, but here is the styep-by-step for setting up a Toshiba FlashAir SD Card so that it connects to your WiFi and can be mapped as a network drive so you can send print files directly to your printer wirelessly Smile

This option allows for a much faster transfer rate and is a night and day difference from using the Ethernet Mod.

For a video tutorial, visit

.zip   WiFi SD Card (Size: 1.16 MB / Downloads: 435)
Hello i  try to do this but i m block on this
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can you help me ?
Hello, I tried 3 or 4 different USB SD card readers and none of them works with the Elegoo Mars. While I can connect to the WiFi SD card from my desktop and I can see the folders, the Elegoo Mars does not see the content of the card. So far I tried USB 2 and USB 3 multi card readers, and did not have any luck with any of them. If anybody got this working successful with a USB SD card reader please let us know the type.
The card reader that's linked within the document works with no issues.
All right. That got mo thinking. I only got the 64GB WiFi card here, the 32Gb price was a lot more and was not available on prime.

So - I realized that the reason why the Mars might not be able to read this is the partition type and size - and of course the 64Gb card was formatted NTFS. I deleted the partition, put in a smaller one (32Gb max for FAT32), installed the card and voila, works well now with the other card readers as well.
does this work when using Mac swell?
If anyone has success with an alternate model (or knock-off, as the case may be) please do share.
I bought and tried the Pi Zero W with no success already, and would love to avoid shelling out ~$50 for the Flashair if an intrepid individual has found an alternative that works!

The Flashairs seem to be getting scarce, and I'm loath to gamble on a knock-off when the guide above has such device-specific instructions.
Unfortunately it has to be the flashair card, none of the others wifi cards can be configured in this way. The other cards can only be wifi hotspots, which would require you to disconnect from your wifi, then connect to the card, but they usually require the use of their proprietary software as well.

Only the flashair can be configured to have a static ip address on your network and connect to your existing wifi.

If you keep checking Amazon periodically, they do come up at good prices. Recently a seller had the 32gb cards for about 21 bucks.

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