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Ethernet Enabled Printing (Support for ChiTuBox 1.4.0 + 1.5.0)
I'll get the readme updated and add in the original Mars UI for reverting back.
Just edited the original post by adding the defualt Mars UI for reverting back Smile
Just updated the setup files as well to correspond with the latest FW
Hi, my printer has the version V4.3.1_LCDF /1440x2560 /F2.12 - any chance i can switch to the Epax FW, too? I was already planning to pretty much only use the network feature, as i can't use Octoprint like with my other printers...
It hasn't been tested yet to confirm, but most likely, just updating to the epax UI would be all that's needed.
Is there any tool (OctoPrint plugin) available  to monitor the Mars?

I found Universal-Photon-Network-Controller which is still in Alpha state but already very good.
Elegoo Mars
Creality CR-X
Alright, so i successfully flashed the Epax UI and indeed got the "Network" option (no surprises here, as it's just an UI option) - but when tapping it, i get always dropped back into the main menu.
I thought it's maybe because there's no cable connected, so i opened my printer and found... nothing. There is simply no RJ45 jack on my controller.
Looks like i got a too new revision (M09), and they dropped that component now. That probably also means there will never be an official firmware with support for it...

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Mine is an M09 and has Ethernet Port. I received it from Amazon Spain just a week ago

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Mine's printing now. As soon as it finishes (and I clean up), I'm going to check if my motherboard has the ethernet connector. It's new, got me home last Tuesday, also from amazon Spain.
Mine has ethernet conector, I'm sorry @jangrewe

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