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Ethernet Enabled Printing (Support for ChiTuBox 1.4.0 + 1.5.0)
Elegoo has already started producing printers with a new mainboard that does not have the ethernet capability as the rj45 connector has been removed, along with a few other things.

Not sure when the full implementation has been in place bu the M0x number, but it seems M09 may be where they started using the newer mainboard.

If wanting to utilize sending files wirelessly to the printer, the only 2 options would be the Raspberry Pi Zero W route, or using the Toshiba Flashair SD Card.
Can confirm - mine was ordered from Amazon UK last week (7th November 2019) yesterday; it's the M09 series and has a motherboard marked 190822-v2 with no ethernet cable/socket.

I just got Elegoo mars that does not have Ethernet port. Is it possible to replace main board to Photon main board with Ethernet port ( ) ?
So I am really just a the beginning trying to get my head around all this so I apologise for the stupid questions in advance.....
I ordered and recieved my printer just after christmas, Version shows as V4.3.1_LCDF /1440X2560 /F2.13 so from what ive just read it likely that the board will not have an ethernet port.
Know, I,m not actually that bothered about that bit. What I DO want is the extra controls in ChiTuBox, im running V1.5.0, that allows me to control lift height/timings etc as shown in this post

Can I just use the "ChiTuBox Configuration File (ChiTuBox 1.5.0)" file without cockking other things up ?
I thank you in advance Smile

(01-10-2020, 04:10 AM)SirMoo Wrote: Ben - here you go:

(01-16-2020, 02:40 PM)Colin Wrote:
(01-10-2020, 04:10 AM)SirMoo Wrote: Ben - here you go:


These are already available in the latest version by default. No need to edit any files.
Likely going to try this as I can not get the Pi Zero wireless to work and my printers are almost next to my router and they have the RJ45..
Any chance this will work with Chitubox 1.6? 
Thanks for the tutorial!!

Edit: Worked perfectly and it carried the profile over to 1.6 and works there aswell. Thanks again

it's working great on Chitubox 1.5. Thanx.

I try to use with Chitubox but i add a Error. Time Out after sending the file to the printer. Any chance to have an update of the profile working with this version ?

Also i would like to Send print over Internet with a port forwarding. Does it be the 3000 port ?

Thank you again
Confirmed I've got this working both with Ethernet and the Chitu Wifi Module on an M03 Mars, with what I think is the series B motherboard. I've also got Chitubox 1.8.1 working with it, by exporting the config (under help for some reason), changing all instances of `bNetSending:0` to `bNetSending:1` and re-importing. Thank you so much!

EDIT: I did a full writeup of all the steps, based in large part on this thread, but with a few tweaks:
Is ist possible by chance in chitu box pro to use then network for the
Only way for me was to use another network printer to use it. But all prints are failing.

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