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Complete Printer Overhaul ft. NanoDLP
Coming over from the Elegoo FB group, I would like to introduce my complete Mars overhaul here per advice from the group admin there.

This (the link) will be my central Mars project repository.  Is it overkill?  Yes.  Will you spend more on parts to complete this than the entire printer?  Potentially.  I have a pile of parts that I call the, "well that was a failure" heap.

You can find the Thingiverse repo here:

That contains the Duet config, build instructions (what I have documented), a link to the Marlin fork modified for SKR 1.3, STL files, musings and ramblings (limited), some example hardware I have found to seemingly-work.

This build is not for the feint of heart.  Here are some tasks / features that will be required to complete it:
Stripping wires.
Gutting your printer
Adding an optics-enhanced array with proper focal length
Building a Pi in headless mode then manually installing software/firmware.
Tweaking settings to absolute perfection (full Duet config and example resin profile included, more on those in the documentation on thingiverse)
Having a larger touch screen
Installing adequate cooling for the machine
Extending LCD life with said cooling
Full fan automation control (go wild!)
Wireless print slicing, uploading, and starting.
Wireless firmware updates.
Custom fan grilles....
Can you imagine it?  Together, we can maybe make it work.

The Marlin modifications I have made I do not wish to repeat for any more boards.  Marlin has too many options in too many files.  It is a slow, hateful process with no guarantee the compiled firmware will actually do what you desire, and multi-board equivalence is not something I want to conquer.  If you are a Marlin wizard, hit me up.  I would love to have a reason to switch away from Duet for literally every printer I have (5 incl. the Mars) but dang if those RRF guys don't make life easier. Features : size, the Duet is just incredible.  Oh and the DOCUMENTATION!  My goodness.  I'm getting hot and bothered thinking about the Duet wiki.

That said, I really enjoy CAD for functional parts and will happily try and make your board of choice physically fit.  Software will be on you.

I am open to criticism and suggestions, as stale projects aren't a whole lot of fun.

Current facets I am working on:

- Mounting a SSR internally, figuring out an AC mains input, and integrating resin heating via GCode controlled AC mains mini heater also mounted to the build plate.  The wires hanging out for thermistor and power and having a second controller are quite grating. Plus think of this: the heater turns off when you finish printing.  That gave me goosebumps thinking about prints that will finish while I am away from home.

- Back piece to put the Z axis into tension.  This will mount to the top of the Z axis and the build plate. Desired effect: Think of pulling on two ends of a rope.  Much more stable. Right now the Z axis is a giant lever arm just begging to deflect.  Will a PETG printed piece add a ton of stability?  Not a ton, but by the sum of each effort I am hoping to better the machine.

-Linear rail(s?).  Likely MGN12 flavored.  I want this to be reversible.  Also, check the ratings for MGN12 rails.  If you are exceeding 2.4kN while printing, you have some other problems (please post pics).

-1204 ball screw stepper.  This one might be limited by the physical space allowed by the motion components.  This will guarantee the need for a new bed 'arm' piece.  Can this work if it is printed?  I don;t know.  Certainly not in PLA, which has a low modulus if deformation.

Future facets I would like to conquer:
- Drawer stand for resin vat storage.
- Improving my own documentation.
- Step-by-step build guide
- Not constantly waiting for overseas shipping
- Hinged enclosure with solid back and tilt rest
- Maybe rebuild the whole stinking Z axis ( isn't really that bad, just a little weak.

Please let me know.  I would be tickled pink if you were to try it and post pics.  I have no doubt this will outperform the Mars P.  Through my works, I hope to have ALL the features of the Mars P and more!

There's a massive difference in quality between assembling something when you love it, and assembling something when it's your job.
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Whilst I am hesitant to pull apart a brand new and working printer !!  I would definitley be up for aquiring a broken/non-working Mars to do this too..........
Definte kudos for your work here mate :thumb:
... I too have plans to "optimize" my mars, if it some day will start to fail or will be "seriously outdated" Wink

Some 12 years ago I've been testing and tinkering with DLP-setups made with UV-modified DLP-printers and high power UV-LED's and UV-laserdiodes.

Have some nice watercooled 405nm-UV-LED's with 9Watts out of a 5x5mm array or 100Watts out of a 20x20mm array (4x 25W-arrays arranged to a quadrate).

But several other "more urgent" projects active, so could last some time ...

Can't wait to see that xD
Checking in on this project! Have you completed this rebuild? Any vids or demos of the new capabilities? Any chance you would bundle up and sell everything needed for newbs to install?
I hate that you posted this....It's like Steam doing a mid-week madness sale for the tinkering junky. I JUST got a started tinkering with resin exposure techniques and now i want to tear my printer apart...

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