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WiFi Usb flash drive (WIP)
I am in the same situation as martinronz.

I ran through the setup demer listed here:

I had to make two modifications to make it work:
-Per Steve_W's comment on that article, "the line that says 'ExecStart=/usr/local/share/' should read 'ExecStart=/usr/local/share/' to work properly"
-Additionally, I could not get it to work without changing 'modprobe g_mass_storage file=/piusb.bin stall=0 ro=1' to 'modprobe g_multi file=/piusb.bin stall=0 removable=1' in the python script you download (See here for more details on that:

It now seems to work perfectly when connected to a variety of windows machines, but simply won't show up when connected to the Mars.
-I've tried a variety of combination of powering it externally, solely off the printer, etc. It seems most effective to use a data cable in the USB port with the red/voltage line removed, and power it separately via the PWR port.
-I've confirmed that it shows up as a FAT32 partition when connected to a Windows machine.

I have a brand new Mars, so it likely has the new board in it.
The software version reads: V4.3.2_LCDF /1440x2560 /F2.13

If anyone has had success getting past that point, please let us know.
It's a bummer to be so close, but not be able to get it to work.

Edit: Using the image linked in this video worked for me:

I'm not sure in what manner it differs from the guide, but it functions as expected.
I expanded the size of the bin per the instructions in the video description (to 4GB).
If others are stuck here, consider trying this!

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