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Elegoo / ChiTu control boards
So, troubled by the firmware mismatch with elegoo's site, and upset to see my Mars has the new board without Ethernet etc. etc. I went off to do some searches based on note that elegoo mars printers run ChiTu Firmware, this is whate I found.

So what i've gathered off this new board revision from this is.  Elegoo started off buying this board from ChiTu, had no intention of making use of the full feature set and developed their own lack luster board to reduce production costs.  I still can't find the 4.3.2 firmware, so there is a chance that firmware is specific to the new featureless board.  But whatever. point is. if you want you're Ethernet, etc.  This is likely the way to go. I haven't checked delivery times, then you have corona, taxes, export fees, corona, an who knows right now.  but it looks like it absolutely comes with a touch screen and LCD.

Now some of you may have already found this, some of you may not even care, it may already be on this forum and i never did a search but here yall go all the same  Wink

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