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No Ethernet Jack?
Hi, Im new to the forum, and I did do some searching before I posted and come up empty handed.

I just purchased the Elegoo Mars about a month ago and wanted to start adding some improvements. I saw that there was a Mod to add ethernet to the Elegoo mars. When I opened up the machine there was no place to connect the ethernet jack. 

I guess my questions are 
1. Is there a way to add the jack to the PCB
2. IF not can I purchase a PCB that has one and where?
The mainboards in the "new" Elegoos are different - without the ethernet-connector. as i know, there is no way to get it on. also the firmware is different and not published yet by Elegoo.
the only way to get the RJ45 is, to buy a mainboard for the "older" revision (grey housing, orange cover). sometimes boards are offered by ebay or look at aliexpress - like this: boards for the Anycubic Photon (not the "S") look like the same; but take care about the connector layout for the lcd.
I love the thought process of New versions of thing getting downgraded. Im also looking into the flashair SD card, seems like it will work for what I need but still like the Network jack, I may see if I can track one down somewhere. 

Thanks for the info and help I appreciate it.
flashair SD card is running well on my machine

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