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Replacement bed to big
I bought a replacement bed from Amazon and it does not fit on the tower. While the mount looks nearly identical to the old one, it will not slide on. Any suggestions???
if it does not fit, you should send it back.
any pictures?
^+1 or 2,

In what dimension does it "not slide on", vertically or horizontally--by how much does in "not slide on"? If just a tiny bit it could be a machining burr or swarf that could be easily scraped or filed away. Some times when it will not slide "in" a bit if lubricant can make things work out; back in '72 in 'Nam there was this little chick--well I guess you get the picture, if not I can send it to you...

Bottom line , either "hog it out" to make it fit, or send it back.

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