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Z axis spacer
Hi I think this is the right place to post this problem:

My wham bam resin build plate arrived yesterday, before fitting i have printed a new Z limit spacer which has to be fitted before leveling as its now 2.6mm thicker than before. Wham-bam support provided a link to the spacer model which i have printed. Is it easy to fit i cant find any step by step instructions to disassembling my z axis to fit the spacer. Mars 2 pro.

Don't know what a "wham bam build plate" is exactly.. I "googled" it and am still not sure what it is supposed to do--perhaps you should ask them...
-cliff knight-
[Image: 816-20120803-wide800.jpg]

Just installed mine on my M2P, wasnt exactly sure myself as the internet seemed a bit scares on the info.

so, I just fitted it thenow.

it was actually straight forward.  I printed mine out in green since thats the resin i had to hand.

so firstly, i took the build plate off, raised it to top to make it easier for me to get to.
removed the vat.
I popped a thick piece of cardboard over the LCD screen, just in case i dropped the allen key so not to tempt fate. (the middle sized allen key that came with kit)

theres 2 allen head bolts holding the top part of the limit switch, the black plate part of it.
once id loosened the bolts, i held the plate with one hand and took each bolt out with the other and the plate came away.
i done the same in reverse but put the spacer on, with the curved part pointing inwards towards the Z rail, since that seemed to follow the profile of the rest of it.

what i did notice is that theres some rotational play in the plate, so as i was nipping them up, i tried to make sure that the downward part of the sensor was lined up with the groove behind it.
only as when i look at the limit switch part at the bottom, i didnt want it to collide with the silver sensor blocks at the bottom.
i took a couple of photos as i went along.  I hope this is right, im a real novice at 3d printing and its my first printer, but really enjoying it so far and hope that this will save me trying to gouge out trenches of my old plate Smile

hope you get on fine with it!

ive added photos as attachments


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