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Printing Issues
Good morning. 

I have a brand new Mars 2 Pro. I say brand new in that it's just over a month old, already Elegoo has replaced the LCD plate, and the only thing it has successfully printed is the Rook test print (and that only after about four attempts). Nothing else has successfully printed. Settings have been adjusted. Different types of models used—thinking maybe something smaller might be successful just to get the ball rolling here. Nothing. Now, even after the LCD replacement, the Rook isn't printing. 

The FEP film continues to appear punctured with resin filling in between layers. There is always a stuck/solid layer of resin on the film on failed prints. But what confuses me is that there is stuck/sold resin in areas of the FEP that aren't anywhere even near where the print was happening, a kind of milky/spotty layer of resin. I have yet to get more than a single use out of any one FEP sheet. And those aren't cheap. 

I'm very frustrated by this printer. For something that bill itself as the best consumer level 3d printer, I'm just not seeing it yet—even if all this is "user error." So far, there hasn't been any user friendly solutions. 

Any advice, suggestions, ideas would be appreciated. 


This seems really strange. I'm having very few failed prints, and really only when I obviously messed up myself.

Now, I don't know what exactly is wrong on your setup. But let me take some guesses...
If there are areas of solid Resin where there is no picture, it means that still some light came through the display. As you already got your display replaced, I don't think the display is actually broken... Anyhow, I would suggest to use the display test picture in the tools menu and verify that it is shown correctly.

If the display works correctly, then one thing I could imagine is this: I noticed that it is possible to miscalibrate the z axis in a way that it goes down too much and pushes down the display. If that might be the case for you, this could cause the display to bend and with that fail to operate. This could result in areas with light passing through even if it shouldn't. At the same time this could cause the first layers with longer exposure time to not being printed properly and with that fail to glue the print to the build plate. Perhaps try to recalibrate (did you perhaps forget about saving the calibration by pressing z=0 after adjusting the height? This happened to me a few times). Also try to calibrate it with a bit more space. Maybe using two sheets of paper instead of one.

The last thing that comes to mind is if your resin has passed due date?

Oh, and also. You're you're using resin fresh out of the bottle? And did you shake it before filling it into the vat?

Hope this helps.Good luck.

If nothing helps, perhaps take some pictures and attach them here...
I have the same issues with failures.  The only things I have been able to print are the rooks, and a mini purchased on Hero Forge.  Anything else I attempt to print that I got off a different site, free or otherwise, fails no matter what settings I use.  Even the mini I got from HF isn't printing correctly.  I purchased it, loaded it up to Chitubox, sliced it and saved it to the USB.  The preview window on the printer showed everything was good to go, and yet when I print it, the weapons are wafer thin.  Anyone else have things like this happen?  It starts to print something and then seemingly just stops.

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What resin are you using ? There are lots of complaints about water-based resins . I've found anycubic basic to work fine for most things (increase exposure time by 0.5-1.0 seconds for dark or strongly coloured resins)

Temperature is another factor , the printer and resin needs to be above 18-91'C to work at all and, generally, the warmer the better. I have my saturn in a cupboard with a small fan heater for winter prints , because the shed where the printer is installed is unheated).

If you have to print when cool, heating the build plate to touch-hot (~40-50'C) can make the important first layers stick.

RE: the FEP sheet. I wonder if you have the sheet tight enough? When fitted correctly the FEP should ring like a drum and resonate when you speak at it (like those 'reverb' toys ) .

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