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Creality Screen for Elegoo Mars?
Hi folks, I preemptively purchased what I thought was an Elegoo screen awhile back in anticipation of having to replace it. The day has finally come when my screen has failed and I went to replace it and realized that I had actually ordered a Creality screen that claims to be compatible with the Elegoo Mars. I saw a note in Elegoo's instructions indicating that screens from other manufacturers only work with Type A motherboards and from what I can tell I have a Type C motherboard. This is the screen I have:

Do I need to reorder a different kind of screen, or can I still use this Creality screen to get the job done?
With original Elegoo LCD, there is an Adapterpiece for the different type of boards. Unfortunately that happens, when you buy aftermarket pieces Sad
Maybe Elegoo Support can send you one.

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