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Z height

Just got the printer, and quite impressed by it. One thing though is I'm not getting the full print height out of it even though there is plenty of headroom left. Will changing the z height in ChiTuBox be enough or is this locked in firmware?

No, simply changing that in chitubox doesnt affect the printers ability to print higher, that just adds the extra height in the preview box. You can edit the mainboard config file that came with the printer on the included usb. Looks for the following...

M8026 I155

You can edit the 155 to be a little more and that will give you the added physical height on the z axis. Once you change that, save the file (different file name so you dont overwrite the original and make sure the extension is .gcode), using notepad. Then run the file like its a print file from the usb and good to go.

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