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Programmable start/end time of print
Is there anyone who can write a mod so that I can use a programmable start/end time on my Mars?
E. g. that I can say, the print should be finished at 6pm and the printer starts at the right time to finish it at 6pm. (Like the timer in the dishwasher or washing machine)
still on the market:
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(08-30-2020, 07:29 AM)fromFDMtoSLA Wrote: still on the market:
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yeah thought of this but then the print isn’t starting automatically
While not entirely helpful, I did some experimentation this morning.

Seems the machine will read common g-code just fine. I wrote some simple code to move the Z axis as a test first to see if it would move:

G1 Z10 (moved the Z axis 10mm)

So then I tested a common code for Dwell, G04 Pxxxx, where xxxx is the dwell (pause) time in MS. G04 Sxxxx (seconds) may also work, but I haven't tried it yet. So the next test was

G04 P5000 (dwell/pause for 5 seconds)
G1 Z10 (move Z 10mm)

It worked as planned, I hit print start, the machine paused for 5 seconds before moving the Z.

That being successful, I added a G04 P5000 as the very first line in a CTB file to print and it didn't seem to like that. It did not display the print image preview, and when I ran that test, I got an M400 error code a 5 second pause, and another M400 error code and the Z began to raise to beyond maximum stroke.

So I'm guessing it either didn't like the Dwell command where I put it and it wants it to be somewhere else, or it needs to be encrypted/written in a similar manner to what the CTB files are output as from the slicer. If a person could get this to work in an actual program, someone could put in say a G04 P14400000 (ms) or G04 S14400 (seconds, IF that works, I haven't tested it yet) to start a print before work, and it would pause for 4 hours, then start your theoretical 4 hour print and it would be done before you got home from work.

I'm guessing this can't be done in the machine currently as I don't believe the board has an actual clock, and would take some serious coding to make it self aware of time. However if someone could figure out where/how to place the dwell/pause code it could potentially be added manually if it doesn't need to be "encrypted", if it does need to be encrypted, someone would have to come up with a magic program to do that and add the pause code to the correct place in the print file, which is beyond me.

I will continue to experiment a little more in my free time and see if I can find where it wants the code to be in the CTB file "not encrypted" and see if it can even be done without some magic program.
I have seen no indication that the MARS hardware has any sort of RTC, which would of course be essential to adding requested function--nor can I envision any overwhelming demand for such capability.OUr dishwasher has the capability, w have never used it AFAIK...

Just checked with SWMBO, she just starts it up at bedtime to have clean dishes in the a.m.
-cliff knight-
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