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Modified Gcode to only run the cooling fan while the printer is running
I realize many have done it, however I do not believe it a good idea to modify that setting to turn off tha fan when the LED is off.

I say this because I had done it and found when monitoring the LED heat sink temperatures that after the first 5-10 minutes of printing the temperature would spike briefly to 150-160° F after the LED and fan shut down. With the fan on continuously the temperature was quite a bit lower and more even at 110-115° F during the entire print job. The LED array is rate for a 60° C (140° F) maximum operating temperature--having it spike and pushing it to 160° F, even briefly, may not damage it immediately however it certainly will not prolong it's service life either.

I also have the luxury of having the printer located in my electronics shop, in our barn--so noise is not an issue...
-cliff knight-
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